Mae Than coalfields are located at Ban Mae Than, Tambon Ban, Bom Amphoe Mae Tha, about 55 km south of Lampang province. The coal deposits are found only in the south of Mae Than Tertiary basin.

In 1985 to 1990, The Siam Cement Company conducted the explorations within its 5 mining leases. About 141 drillholes with total depth 12,749 m were drilled to prove the quality and coal reserves. Mae Than coal deposits can be subdivided into 2 sub -basins: the northern and southern sub-basins.

The northern sub-basin is a half graben structure. Tertiary rocks and coal seam are striking N-S direction and gently dipping about 10-15 degrees to the east. The coal seam occurs associated with
claystone and ligneous claystone of the middle part of Tertiary sequences. The thickness of the coal seam varies from 0.5 to 76.3 m. It is thickening to the east and southeast of the basin. The measured reserve is 3.65 million tonnes with overall stripping ratio 7:1.

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