Mainly coal resources in Thailand deposited during Tertiary period. More than 99 % of coal reserve in Thailand is of Tertiary which located in most parts of  Thailand except in Northeast. The other coal resource deposited during Carboniferous period and found only in the Northeastern part of Thailand. The Northeast Thailand is relatively large region but is very rare coal reserve. From the result of many geological surface mapping and other method surveys which conducted over 50 years ago until present day still reported the small scale commercial coal resources in Na Duang and Na Klang areas. Although. there are previous works reported some coal outcrops in red bed Mesozoic rock but there are clearly noncommercial resources. The result of this field study is consistent with the past works The Mesozoic coal of Khorat Group at Phakdi Chumphol. Chai Ya Phum and Phu Phan range. Kanlasin is transported coal which found associated in conglomerate and sandstone, these coals seem to be noncommercial. The next study plan is to find the new coal resource in Northeast region by using subsurface data from Petroleum exploration have been conducted around these areas. The study will focus on Carboniferous rock, Permian rock and isolated basin of late Triassic rock in more detail. This study. however. is still under study phrase and data preparation.

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