According to the National Economic and Social Development Plans No. 6 (1987-1991) and No. 7 (1992-1996), coal is significantly the major alternative energy resources for both power and non-power usages. The Cabinet had the resolution on coal policy in June 1987 to give the duties of coal management for each government sectors, i.e., the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), the Department of Energy Affairs (DEA), the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and the National Energy Policy Office (NEPO). DMR has been assigned to responsible in conducting of all exploration works throughout the country, issuing and granting coal concessions, royalty determination, and conducting concession bidding.

The demand of domestic coal for power plants will increase from 11.94 million tons in 1992 to about 14 million tons and 36 million tons in 1996 and 2001, respectively; whilst that for non-power usage from 4.59 million tons in 1992 to 10.48 million tons in 1996 and so on. This high increasing consumption will be caused by additional electric generation supplies, and also the enlargement of cement plants.


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