Through the decades, the experience in Thailand as in most of the world was characterized by rapid increase in the utilization of energy. Thus, it is necessary for Thailand to obtain sufficient supply of energy to meet the demand of the country in various concerning sectors in order to improve standard of living and income of the people. The most critical problem facing Thailand on energy development is a rising price of imported crude oil and its products. She has been spending a great share of foreign exchange on importing this source of energy which has resulted in more and more deficits in trade balance. The economic development will soon be hindered unless alternative sources of energy in the country are developed. The responsible government agencies for this respect are Office of the National Energy Authority; Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Defence Energy Department, the Petroleum Authority of Thailand and the Department of Mineral Resources. The Department of Mineral Resources is now taking care and charge of the exploration aspects of natural fuels, particularly of oil shale, coal and petroleum.

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