The Recent Thailand-Lao PDR cooperation on Geology and Mineral Resources has been continued to grow over the post decode. The Royal Thai Deportment of Mineral  Resources (DMR) and the Department of Geology and Minerals (DGM), Lao PDR is the organization that has carried out all the cooperation activities. The Thai-Lao cooperation focuses on key topics, including geological and mineral resources information exchange and development, institutional capacity building and museum development. These activities have been carried out through the Thai-Lao Joint Commission on Cooperation. As results, a line of products has been streamed out from the projects, i.e., geological survey results of potential geotourism sites, mineral assessments and exhibitions of geological museum of DGM. The works have been expanded to cover a wider "geological resources"  rather  than  "mineral   resources" for instant, geosite for geotourism development, while at the sometime, continued its pre-existing work on mineral resources.

At present, Thai-Lao cooperation is extended to the International Cooperation Project. DGM and DMR  have operated the project entitle "Thai-Lao Cooperation Project for Sustainable Development of Geological Resources" in year 2012-2016 which is supported  by Thailand International  Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand,  in order to continue with the current cooperation and to achieve the ultimate outcome  of the technical cooperation project and aims for making socio-economic progress towards sustainable development for the benefits people and societies of the two countries.


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