The Late Cretaceous to the Early Paleogene sediments of the Phu Khat Formation are well exposed in the Nakhon Thai region located in the lower port of northern Thailand. The rocks are characterized by immature and unsorted textures of clastic rocks with high unstable volcanic lithic fragments. The thickness throughout the formation following the detailed section measurement in the Nakhon Thai region is approximately 500 m. The formation can be subdivided into two large units, i.e., the lower sequence (the lower and the middle Phu Khat Formation) and the upper sequence (the upper Phu Khat Formation) which is composed of nine lithofacies including Gms, Gm, Ss, Sh, Sp, Sr, Fl, Fm and Fsc within three facies  associations i.e., facies association A, Band C. Based on the facies association, the Phu Khat Formation is largely interpreted to have been deposited by alluvial fan in the lower sequence and fluvial braided  stream  in the upper sequence. The lower sequences are mainly characterized by the succession of alluvial fan facies consisting of facies association A and B.

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