Integration of potential field, gravity and aeromagnetic, data with constraints of seismic reflection image and drill holes data in the Khorat Plateau, eastern Sakhon Nakhon basin exhibits Pre-Khorat rock aspects. Potential field data are processed via derivative techniques and interpreted in term of qualitative and quantitative interpretation. Spectral analysis technique is applied to roughly indicate depth of ensemble source. For qualitative interpretation, three magnetic patterns are classified as magnetic sources with different depth whereas gravity patterns are recognized as four gravity patterns. The patterns rather well correlate with the seismic reflection image. The western high gravity pattern underneath the Phu Phan Ranges coincides with the Permian carbonate platform and clastic of the Saraburi Group. The moderate to high gravity pattern represents the outlining distribution of the Triassic basin on the high density basement. The low to moderate gravity patterns con be divided into two patterns and indicate that the Nong Khai High Basement is not homogeneous. The NW trending pattern of low to moderate units suggest that it is possible that either sedimentary or metamorphic overly on basement.


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